Narrative appraisal

A narrative appraisal is similar to a book with specified chapters that follow a certain criteria addressing all the issues about a property being appraised.

generally, only complex properties use a narrative appraisal format. Typically single-family homes do not use a narrative format unless they are complex properties such as large or expensive  luxury homes.

Narrative appraisals are generally reserved for commercial, industrial, land properties, subdivisions, office buildings and real estate of this nature.

a narrative appraisal can run hundreds of pages with scores of exhibits photographs and charts the time it takes to complete and narrative appraisal that is substantive in its nature can be considerable. Therefore the cost of these narrative appraisals is far more than a typical form appraisal and the time that it takes to complete these narrative appraisals is much longer than a typical form report.

We perform narrative appraisals when needed or requested by our clients and offer either Certified  General or MAI reports.

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