Form appraisal

There have been several different “fill in the blank” forms that have been approved and are now in use by appraisers.

appraisers have the use of different forms for different types of properties. Examples of these forms would be forms for single-family homes, forms for multifamily properties, forms for land appraisals, and even forms for commercial appraisals.

Appraisers use forms as the data specifically required by the form has been approved by lenders and is generally the most relevant data needed to appraise the property. Forms are generally the least expensive appraisals today because the appraiser is not required to write a narrative report consuming significant amounts of the appraiser’s time. Generally, appraisers are required to give their clients some type of report that has been written.

Most clients have little or no need for verbal reports and the amount of data that needs to be collected to offer that verbal report is virtually the same as in a written report.

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